Fukushima, with Love

A year ago, the double disaster of Earthquake and Tsunami caused a nuclear melt-down at Fukushima, bringing in its aftermath worldwide protests, demanding a shutdown of nuclear plants. The fears, while valid and true, are blown out of proportion.

We need nuclear power; NOW and for the next decade. Fact is, Atomic power continues to be the cheapest and cleanest of all conventional fuels today. And till the time that WE, you and me, are ready to accept and then pay for Renewable Energy (Wind, Photovoltaic, Geo-Thermal, etc), Nuclear is our best bet.

Nuclear Plants, run responsibly, could be our key to balance global warming during our transition from a polluting economy to a more sustainable one. The only alternative is to shut all the Nuclear power plants, build more coal and other contaminating power plants in their place and risk over-heating Earth itself. Go Pick!

Click here for an interesting talk on Nuclear plants, courtesy TED.