Lights Out at Midnight

I was walking down one of Berlin’s main shopping areas last week and it just struck me how shops, big and small as well as corporate offices have a fascination for leaving their lights switched on through the night. It’s as if they are telling us they are open for business 24/7; which they clearly aren’t.

Simply being able to afford paying for anything doesn’t automatically give a right to waste, and certainly not something as valuable as Energy. In an era where a great deal of money and effort is being redirected  towards achieving higher efficiency and alternate sources of energy, doesn’t it make sense to first curb blatant wastage such as this?

I believe every office and store should be mandated to have a system in place to automatically switch off their illumination and lighting past midnight on the weekdays. Imagine the savings in energy and the positive impact that could be created with almost no extra effort or cost. Now isn’t that something worth thinking about?