Coffee to Stay

Coffee drinkers will agree that there are few better ways to start your day than with a good cup of coffee. Here’s something that will wake you up even more though: the paper glass cup in which you might have picked up your coffee this morning is not as innocent as you might think.

Some statistics: In the year 2006, 6.5 million trees were cut down in the US alone to provide for the 16 Billion paper cups consumed – about one tree felled for every 2000 cups. Also, because of health and hygiene concerns, recycled paper is rarely used for these cups.

So next time you can, spend 15 minutes inside the coffee place to drink your cup of coffee and save paper. Another environmentally friendly alternative would be to grab your own coffee holder/ thermos: they are available in all kinds of different sizes and designs. Most coffee chains even have their own merchandise; some even offering you a discount if you bring in your own mug.

Statistics show that your own coffee mug/holder will have no carbon footprint when used for more than 50-60 times. Enough reason to change the way we have our coffee then?