Ecosystem, not just the Apple kind.

Over the past week, everyone’s been going gaga about the latest addition to the Apple family, the iPad 3. Without going into details of the environmental effect these products have on our environment (at least not in this post), here’s something to think about.

While we toast the genius that was Steve Jobs and his contribution to our very way of life, we seem to be losing contact with other more urgent realities around us. Today’s real problems don’t necessarily revolve how we can stream our music seamlessly across all our apple devices or reducing the thickness of the iPad by that extra millimeter.

Not to undermine Mr. Jobs’ contribution to the design world and his Apple ecosystem, but I wonder if it isn’t time we turned our complete attention to the real ecosystem. Each of us each of us needs to get around doing that real job and showing iCare, really.

PS: For less than the price of an iPhone, each family in the US could secure their entire electricity from their own Solar Panels. iCare.