Is less actually more?

Answering the question “If you were stranded on an Island today, what would be the three things you would like to have with you?” is incredibly tough in today’s materialistic world. Give it a thought.

We might live now in a world more interconnected than ever, but are entangled in the wires bringing about that very freedom. Most of us own a MP3 Player, a digital camera, a Smartphone, a laptop maybe even a tablet or two. Ever had the feeling that while each of these devices promises to simplify and enrich our lives, very often it does just the opposite?

I for one do, and feel I did myself a huge favor by giving away my mp3 player, my digital camera and my previous phone; deciding instead to buy one device that could pretty much do all those things. Lesser wires, lesser electricity used and more importantly lesser things distracting me from spending time doing what I really care about. Not to forget, less precious resources wasted.

Try it sometime: maybe you too might find that sometimes less is really more.