T for Tesla

The electric car is probably the biggest development in the auto industry since Henry Ford first invented the Ford-T. It essentially enables the same freedom of movement that lies at the heart of the automobile, at the same time ridding us of our dependence on oil and the green house gases that come with it.

Here’s why that’s so important:We are roughly emitting 2 Billion tons more CO2 than the Earth can naturally capture, with  automobiles being the single largest cause of emissions worldwide. An electric car essentially uses electricity to run and emits nothing. NOTHING!  We, today, have perfected the art of generating electricity using renewable sources such as Solar and Wind. Hence, technically, it’s possible to eliminate all the emissions associated with cars by combing the two.

And for all those of you who think E-vehicles are still a compromise, I’ll just say this: Tesla. It defies any argument, crushing any excuse against electric cars -the looks, the speed, the fun, the range; it has them all. Take a bow Tesla: my evening with you leaves me truly inspired.

Click  here to visit the Tesla Website.