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How Email can help you plant a tree

One of the Internet Age’s biggest contributions is elimination of paper waste. Contracts, Bills, Invoices, etc. no longer need to be printed; they can be safely stored away digitally. Most companies offer the option of receiving your bills via email; the cost of investing in the IT system paying off as more and more customers sign up for e-billing, eliminating printing and delivery costs.

By opting in for E-billing you make a huge impact:  not only do you save paper and carbon emissions that would be associated with the printing of your bill and enveloping it, but you also prevent emissions which would have been associated with the delivery of that post to you.  A penny saved is a penny earned; A Tree saved is a Tree planted. 


Sweetening the deal

Here’s how coffee chains could reduce their carbon footprint, at no cost:  Ever noticed how, especially in larger coffee chains, the sugar and coffee cream comes in nice colored paper sachets and small plastic containers respectively? Having sugar on each table in a nice glass jar would suffice as well. Ditto for milk and coffee cream.

Imagine how much energy and carbon emissions can be saved by this single step. Not only that, it would also save cafes money, since the sugar manufacturer/coffee cream producer could pass on a portion of the cost benefits of supplying sugar in one large packet, compared to thousands of small sachets.

A small way to ensure your beloved coffee is that much sweeter to the environment.

Doing Better

“It’s not sufficient to do things better, we need to do better things”

– Mark Shayler