Are our kids worth it ?

An interesting excerpt from a book I just read, “What happens when a society loses its ability to self-regulate, and insists on sacrificing its long-term self-interest for short-term rewards? How does the story end?”

We only need to look around for the answer: We now live in an era where we seek short-term gratification, overlooking the longer-term consequences of our decision to do so. The preceding generation had the luxury of overlooking the effects of their actions. We don’t. Our actions WILL have an impact on our children and grand-children.

We need to decide, and NOW, what legacy we want to leave our kids and their kids: Do we leave them a world that is at least as good as the one we inherited, or do we continue to act selfishly and leave them to deal with the mess we created?


* The above mentioned quote has been taken from Michael Lewis’ Boomerang.