Taking Emissions away from Take Away food

In today’s fast-paced urban lives, take away food is commonplace. If that’s the case for you as well, here’s why you need to re-think your choice.

Very likely your food is unhealthy not only for you, but also the planet you live in. Take away food typically consists of 1/3rd Plastic, 1/3rd paper and only a third of it is actually food. The U.S. alone creates about 3.6 Billion pounds of trash annually from takeout food alone; yes that’s 3.6 Billion!

Stringent standards for food packaging mean almost none of it is recycled material; greatly increasing its carbon footprint. The greenest option would be to cut down on those takeaway meals. Alternately, start having your food packed in your own reusable containers: a small step towards making a big difference.