Message in a Bottle

The biggest myth when it comes to drinking water is that bottled water is better than drinking tap water at home. Think about this: bottled water’s biggest sales are in developed countries; including Western Europe, Scandinavian countries and the USA, which have very good public infrastructure and utilities.

Water from public utilities in such countries is tested much more often than at bottling plants; thus ensuring that drinking water from taps at home and public places is fit for human consumption. Here, drinking bottled water is equivalent to someone from the Alps importing ice from the North Pole just because it’s supposedly purer. Rubbish!

Most of these big companies manufacturing drinking water have one or two plants for any given region, where the water is acquired, processed, packaged into bottles and then delivered all across. It’s easy to imagine how inefficient and carbon-intensive this process is; so before you’re about to pick up your crate of bottled water next time, why not give tap water a fair try.