An Earthy Message

Today is Earth day. Yes, there is an Earth day. Sit down and think about how we you treat Earth. We make an effort to maintain our homes, cars, lawns, etc; why then this nonchalant attitude when it comes to our planet?

The Earth is full; full of us humans and our stuff. As it stands today, we need about 1.5 Earths to sustain us and our economic/social activities. Make no mistake: there is only one Earth and no substitute for it. However smart we would like to think we’ve got, we cannot create another Earth. On our current path, all we are doing is wiping out other species so that we have more for ourselves.

Failing to realize that we are but one piece in this great jig-saw puzzle; we sometimes forgetting that we were meant to co-exist. That whatever we do, we do to ourselves too. It’s time we woke up and did something about it. Today and every day.