The D’s of Business

There is no reason businesses cannot and should not change. Just because you started doing something a long time ago, doesn’t mean you keep doing it even though you feel it’s not the right thing to do or that your business is losing touch with reality.

A lot of companies are facing change: be it due to a shift in consumer thinking (think car companies), or the realization that business-as-usual policies in the long run will simply mean the end of business (think Coca Cola or Alcoa). Most either resist or trudge along unwillingly. A very few think ahead and embrace change willingly: finding a way to do better things, at the same time creating opportunities for themselves.

Dyson and DuPont are two of the biggest names exemplifying this. Shifting from Vacuum cleaners to hand-dryers and from petroleum-based products to largely organic ones respectively, these two companies exemplify the fact that doing good AND making profit is not mutually exclusive. Take a bow you two; you leave me and a lot of others truly inspired.