Global Warming 1.0

Global warming has been the topic of heated debate for much of the last decade, with scientists and industry on both sides of the fence.  What is inarguable, though, is that Global warming or not, we are at the cusp of ever-faster climate change.

From flash floods and scorching heat in Europe, to hurricanes and snowy summers in the US and erratic climate patterns in Asia: the years 2010 and 2011 have seen the largest number of natural disasters in more than 5 decades.  Attributing all of this to just mere coincidence is exactly what a lot of industries and vested interest groups would like us to do.

I think rather, that this is Earth giving us signs; signs that not all is as it should be. And it will take all of us to set this right; because Global Warming is truly global. What China does affects Europe; just like what the US does affects Asia. We would do well to remember “United we stand, divided we fall”.