Let the Music Play

When’s the last time you popped in a CD to listen to some music? Probably not in a while, eh? Thanks to the internet and the widespread use of music in digital format, music CD’s are passé. Sure, you still see them at big music stores, but how many people are really buying them?

CD’s contain Silicon, which is very energy-intensive to extract and process. So it’s time to use one of the hundreds of Software available and transfer all the music onto your computer.And then go ahead and put those CD’s for recycling, so the Silicon retrieved can be reused (for stuff like your computer hard-drive,etc).

You’ll have made a huge impact on the environment. And remember; say no to any more CD’s for music. You’re probably going to end up listening to the music on your mp3 player, phone or computer; might as well make the greener choice.


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