The underlying truth

Environmental crisis is, today, getting much of the world’s attention.  But are we then ignoring the underlying social problems? Today, the 200 richest people in the world earn more money annually than the world’s 2.5 billion poorest people. And more than 50% of the world’s population lives on less than 2 Euros a day while the average west-European earns close to a 100 Euros a day.

How can we expect this half of the world’s population to have the same worries that we have; when the truth is that they need to worry about things like where their next meal is going to come from. Or as to how they can send their children to school so that they escape from the cruel circle of poverty.

Before we expect them to care equally about the planet, we first need to make sure to see that they have enough of what is required to look after themselves.


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