Why do big car companies love oil?

Car makers seem to have an affinity towards fuel guzzling cars. Why is this so and why do they seem so reluctant to embrace new technologies like electric cars which show so much promise?

Well they have to. Guess who’s been buying into these car companies? You’ll be surprised to learn that some of the biggest car makers, including the VW group, Mercedes, Fiat, McLaren and Aston Martin have middle-eastern oil companies as major stake-holders.

For these oil companies, this investment serves a dual purpose. Not only do they get to try and delay the foray of new, fuel-independent technology (electric cars), but if and when these technologies do succeed, they also get a piece of that action. Explains why these car companies seem so reluctant to employ technology that would rid us of our large dependence on oil. Why rid yourself of something when there’s money to be made either way?


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