One size fits all.

Ever had that sinking feeling when you’re on a trip that you’ve forgotten to pack something in? For me, it’s almost always a charger. Given the fact that most of us carry an ever increasing number of electronics, these chargers seem to not only power our devices, but our lives as well.

Why do we need so many them? At the heart of it, all chargers basically do the same thing: transfer electricity from the socket to our devices. Most devices use the same Li ion batteries, making it technically possible to standardise the chargers for cell phones, tablet PCs, mp3 players and cameras.

This standard charger could be bought at any electronics store, making it unnecessary to ship them with each product. This would enable companies to use lesser packaging for their products, at the same time increasing the amount of goods that could be shipped in one consignment. It might just be a drop in the ocean in terms of carbon savings but given the fact that there are about 170 million chargers in California alone, it would be one fat drop!


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