To be, or not to be.

Why is it that growing up, society will repeatedly tell you that chasing money is not important and it’s almost as if the world today scorns those with lots of it? Is it really that bad to be rich?

More pertinent is what you choose to do with your money. You’ll always have Rap moguls and some internet-bubble kid running around in big stretch limousines, but for each of these there are more and more successful individuals coming forward to help tackle the problems facing all of us today.

They realize that governments today are too passive and saddled with indecision and political bickering to be able to effectively address issues that need addressing. Doing that needs valuable resources, both financial as well as human.

Before you can start dealing with problems that affect others more than you, you need to be secure yourself. You can’t devote yourself to say, fighting famine in Africa, when you yourself don’t have more than enough for yourself and your family. Having money gives you that freedom, the freedom to fight for what you are passionate about, the freedom to translate your thinking into doing.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words; I say an action is probably worth a million.


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