Cracking the code

Which coffee should I buy– the organic one or the Fair trade certified one? Is printing paper claiming to be made from 100% recycled material better than the one carrying the Sustainable Forest Certification stamp?

Open Label and Good Guide are helping consumers make a faster, more informative choice by providing  information on various consumer products, helping you decide based on parameters important to you – For  e.g. printing paper which either uses the least amount of energy or the one sourced from 100% sustainable forests.

You can either use their website or simply scan the bar code of the product you’re planning to buy; their app will inform you just how well the product ranks up against its counterparts. In an age where companies just throw labels and certifications at you rather than actual data, this is a breath of fresh air.


One thought on “Cracking the code

  1. rajesh says:

    This is true and leaves we as customer in lurch and dependent on the companies

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