Oceans’ 6 billion

Oceans provide us with water, oil and gas and food in the form of fish and other seafood. Most importantly, they are our planet’s biggest CO2 sinks, absorbing 2 billion tons i.e. 1/3rd of our emissions annually.

Exactly why we can’t afford to just stand and watch as corporations turn them into another dumping ground. Remember the BP disaster in the gulf of New Mexico? How many executives from BP went to jail and paid for their mistakes? None. Which is maybe why another company Petrobras is now looking to do deep water drilling for oil at twice the depths off the coast of New Zealand.

And all of this without undertaking any proper environmental impact assessment. Why? Because they think they can. Which is why we, YOU and ME are going to do our bit to help prevent this. GREEN PEACE has filed a lawsuit against this project. Support their petition here: what better way to celebrate World Oceans Day than by actually helping protect them?


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