Out of thin air

As urban populations in developing countries grow at unprecedented rates, necessary resources such as food, housing and perhaps most importantly water fails to keep pace. The situation is most dire in hot and humid conditions, weather prevalent in most parts of growing Asia, where access to clean and drinkable water is getting even scarcer.

An ingenious solution for this problem could be an invention by a bunch of design students from Canada, in partnership with Electrolux. The device, aptly named NJORD (Norse God of Sea), can use the moisture in the surrounding air to condense it into drinking water. This product could turn out to be just what we need in our fight against chronic water-shortages in developing nations.

Forget the ‘hare appearing from a hat’ trick; this for me is real magic.



2 thoughts on “Out of thin air

  1. blog says:

    world of warcraft
    I’ll be sharing this with a couple of buddies who might be interested in this. You’d be surprised how a lot of people are looking for a thing like this. Thanks for posting this for us. horde

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