Caring, not just for mankind

Today, Australia has made history by announcing the world’s largest marine reserve ever conceived on our planet. Realizing the danger it’s distinctly diverse ocean-system was facing, the move to announce 2.3 million kilometers of ocean as a protected sanctuary is probably the most significant action taken by any government to date.

This should wake a lot of governments from their slumber and push them to do more to protect their diverse eco-systems: India’s tigers, China’s sharks, Hong- Kong’s pink dolphins, American wild bison being a case-in-point. Our uni-directional chain of thought which just addresses human welfare, neglecting our other co-inhabitants needs to be changed.

We have to play our part in moving our local governments to take steps to protect the local flora and fauna. We owe it to our future generations: Do we want to show our children tigers in flesh and blood? Or will they just remain onsome pages of a book?


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