I’ve got News

Why is that every time you put on the news you almost always end up hearing bad news? Sure there are lots of not-so nice things happening around, but I am equally sure that there are also a large number of inspiring events happening around the world.

I believe it is a passive form of conditioning. Human behavior is generally governed by fear:  fear of losing our job, fear of dying, of being left by our loved ones, etc. Every time we see or hear something bad that happened to someone because he/she didn’t follow the rules or decided to go against convention or the so-called “norm”, there’s a part of us that stores that experience deep inside of us.

Greece has been in the news spotlight for over a year and a half now. How many times has there been any positive news about the beleaguered country? Google COCO MAT. This Greek company is not only surviving the storm, but actually expanding. And all this at a time when the media will have you believe nothing Greek is worth buying and that each Greek company is in financial ruin.


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