All roads lead to rome

An interesting anecdote from the Cold War era – The Russians and the Americans were faced with the challenge of writing in outer space: while the Americans spent millions researching on a special pen with ink that could write in zero-gravity, the Russians simply used a pencil.

Which of these approaches would you call the correct one? I would say both of them. Yes, one might be more efficient than the other one, but that does not make the other one wrong. The Americans thought it important enough to spend the resource they could spare towards achieving the target and that is what they did.

Today’s problems we face are somewhat similar. And they will require us to use the same approach to find solutions: Try all different methods possible. We cannot wait until we find the perfect solution. Yes, it might be an expensive process, but the cost of delaying it any further will be even more expensive.  When the stakes are so high, it can never be “My Way or the Highway.”


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