Six months since my self-imposed writing hiatus, we’re back. Having taken time off to deal with certain personal objectives which were important, it’s time again to resume what had come to be an integral part of my day.

2012 was, I believe, a tipping point. It’s clearer than ever that our planet needs us — a change is in order. For years the underlying problems have been discussed and now it’s time we took action. We might not have all the tools we need to set everything right, but each of us has enough to start making a difference.

Think and write down one way how you can most effectively play your part – and then commit yourself to it. It could mean taking those 2 minutes everyday to sort out the trash properly, or volunteering twice a month at a local NGO teaching underprivileged children. Start, and start now. Do the best you can with what you’ve got.


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