Playing God

There’s been an eternal debate as to how far science should be allowed to interfere with nature, especially the food we eat. There has been a fierce debate raging on genetically modified fruits and vegetables, with parties on both sides fiercely advocating merits and demerits. Now, a company – AquaBounty, has gone one step further and successfully developed a genetically modified (GM) Salmon, by splicing natural salmon with Chinook and eel genes.

This results in the GM salmon being able to grow twice as fast as its natural counterpart. While this in itself might seem entirely harmless, it might also open the floodgates for tons of other companies to start experimenting with other species. Given the complexity of the world we live in, and the way one species interacts with the millions of others, can we really be 100% confident that this genetic modification will not effect the food-chain in any possible manner?

If not, why the hurry to start commercializing something as complex? At best, it helps fish-farmers earn twice as much; at worst, it sounds like the plot of a Sci-Fi movie where an experiment goes really wrong. We haven’t created nature, why start now?



One thought on “Playing God

  1. Rajesh says:

    What if this is done for human beings ? Cant imagine !!!!

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