Storytelling is an important art – an indispensable art. In an age where we are bombarded with information every waking minute of our lives, one chance is all you have to catch someone’s attention.

An idea or thought, no matter how good, is only effective when it gains acceptance among a group of people. Keep in mind that not everyone is going to be as passionate about your idea as you are – you are likely going to have to convince them to buy into it.

The bigger or better your idea is, the greater the responsibility that you ensure it is heard. Each problem facing us is a potential opportunity to look for a solution: A story waiting to be told. So put your best foot forward when conveying your idea.


2 thoughts on “Storyteller

  1. rajeshvshah says:

    This is secret of all Statesman and Leader

  2. Dear Fua, you’re absolutely right. You’re idea is only as powerful as the audience that it can capture. Thanks for your insight.

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