Some say you have to be a non-profit organization, a charitable trust or a NGO to be able to do good. And that all businesses are evil, out only to make a profit and not caring about the greater good. Think that’s true?

Founded by Blake Mycoskie as a shoe company in 2007, TOMS started off by offering a unique proposition — for every pair of shoes you bought, it would donate one new pair of their shoes to a child in a  developing country. This simple mission, ONE FOR ONE,  has made TOMS the fastest growing shoe company in the world, simultaneously enabling it to donate over 2 million pair of shoes to people who need them most.

Not stopping there, TOMS launched an eye collection, helping repair/regain one person’s eyesight for every pair bought. TOMS and other companies like it are out to prove that just because things have been different in the past, doesn’t mean they have to stay that way. All it takes is one thought, and a mission, and some determination.


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