The power of YOU

How would you rate the state our planet is in today? Is it how you imagined or hoped it should be? Looking closer, are you happy with how things are in your city, state and country? Is there something systemically wrong? Something that is not being done in the best way possible and for which you have a better solution?

Guess what? Just complaining and cursing the problem is probably not going to result in change around you. Standing up and doing something about it is likely to bring about significant results. We live in an age where it’s easy to make yourself heard, and to connect and work together with like-minded individuals. Unhappy with what your local city council is doing? Elect another representative. Not happy with the irresponsible nature of a company? Then boycott the product and support a different company with a greener product. Think there’s a social cause underrepresented? Volunteer at a local NGO or government body that works towards it.

Only you can truly empower yourself. Sitting and thinking that one person cannot make a change will ensure that no change will ever come about. Look around carefully and you’ll see your surrounded by like-minded people who think similarly. All it might take is some galvanization – “Be the change you want to see.”


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