Brains over Brawn

24000 people die worldwide daily due to hunger or hunger-related diseases. In comparison, about 18000 people died annually worldwide as a result of terrorist attacks.

The worlds annual military spending is $ 1.6 trillion – the US alone spends about $ 1 trillion annually. It would take only 6.25% of the global annual military spending ($ 100 billion) to eradicate extreme poverty and provide primary education to everyone in the world. $ 320 billion annually would be enough to achieve all the goals laid down in the UN’s Millennium Development Goals.

Do we really think that guns, missiles and fighter-planes are the answer to the worlds increasing problems? Does it not make sense to try and understand the underlying problems that are causing the dissent and discontent?

Isn’t it only logical that a world population where everyone’s basic needs are met and one where each person can read, write and understand themselves are far more likely to live in peace than one where their voices are tried to be drowned under the sounds of rockets and guns?


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