Wrong call?

A recent report by the German government reveals that there are about 100 million active cell-phone connections in the country (which has a population of roughly 82 million). What’s surprising, though, is the fact that in addition to the 100 million cell phones in active use, an estimated 80 million cell phones (presumably old) are just sitting collecting dust in drawers.

Modern mobiles contain a not-so-negligible amount of metals such as gold, silver, copper as well as other rare-earth elements, the mining and purification of which are highly energy-intensive. So what’s the point in holding on to those old phones in your drawer? It’s unlikely you are going to use them again, given the rapid technological advancements in the mobile sector. Why not take the right call and go deposit them at your nearest store/collection point so that they can be properly recycled and the precious materials re-used?


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