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In Debt

” We don’t inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children”

– Chief Seattle


need for change

I admit that the above video was a little bit too dramatic and over-simplified; but is it really all that far away from the truth? The UFOs apart, the current path we seem to be on bears an uncanny resemblance to the video.

Think of all the emotions you went through while watching the three minute video. You might have found it a bit amusing at the start, but by the time the video ended, I bet you had an uncomfortable feeling inside you. Maybe a hint of helplessness, anger and despair as well? The sad truth is that we are today living in a world that consumes more resources than we can replenish – as Paul Gilding writes in his book The Great Disruption, as of 2009, we are consuming the resources of 1.4 Planet Earths.

It’s no longer a philosophical debate; it’s more a case of us hitting the physical limits of the only planet we can live on. Living more sustainably is no longer just a way of life or a choice; it is THE way ahead. We are probably staring at the biggest challenge that has ever faced humanity, but one which also offers an opportunity: an opportunity to re-connect with our planet and its other inhabitants. It’s a challenge we must face all face together – for together we stand, divided we fall.