You start your day brushing your teeth, most likely with an electric toothbrush, and end it by either turning off your TV or computer or radio before you go off to sleep. In between you probably use more electronic devices running on batteries. Why not switch to rechargeable batteries for all devices which don’t come with rechargeable batteries?

Why? Simply because rechargeable batteries are much more environmentally conscious than single charge batteries. How? Well, for starters, rechargeable batteries have 1000 – 1500 cycles – this means much less use of heavy metals, corrosive materials as well as less energy used for transporting the batteries from the production centers to the store.

In fact, over their life-times rechargeable batteries use 23 times less non-renewable natural resources, 28 times less impact on global warming, 30 times less impact on air pollution, 9 times less impact on air acidification, and 12 times less impact on water pollution! And if that wasn’t reason enough, they’ll end up being less expensive on your pocket in the long run too.


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