The ice cover in the north pole was measured at a record low of 4.1 square kilometers last month – 15% of the ice cover has been permanently lost in the last 6 years alone. The only plausible reason for this is that the Earth is heating up – causing the ice to melt

The North Pole is home to unique people (Eskimos), narwhals, polar bears, walruses and other species living there. And YOU. The surface of the ice reflects sunlight back into space, which helps cool the planet. If the polar caps melted, this sunlight would be absorbed by the oceans resulting in them heating up. This in turn sets out a chain reaction by melting more of the snow.

SHELL has teamed up with Russian oil giant GAZPROM to hunt for oil in the Arctic region. This is after trying and failing at attempts to try drilling for oil in the US Alaskan Arctic.  Remember the BP oil spill in the gulf of Mexico? A disaster in the Arctic will most likely cause irreversible damage to the already fragile region.

We can’t stand by and watch them go ahead with this. That’s where you come in – make an impact by signing the petition (here) to oppose SHELL and GAZPROM from exploiting the pristine beauty of the Arctic.


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