Before ‘After Earth’

A few weeks earlier, sitting by the river and enjoying a pizza with colleagues at lunch, I was (sort of) attacked by a duck who was ‘just’ after my pizza! Watching a trailer of After Earth yesterday took me back to that incident. For those of you who don’t know, the movie deals with a scenario where mankind has been forced to leave Earth, where all of nature has evolved to hunt and kill man.

I am not saying the aforementioned duck had evolved to attack me, not in the slightest. My only chain of thought is that today, mankind is acting as if we own the planet and we are the only species that matters. We over-fish in waters and then blame sharks and other sea creatures for venturing too close to shore and attacking us. We blatantly claim ever-increasing tracts of forests and then blame wild-beasts for venturing close to human settlements, stealing livestock, dogs, infants and for attacking us. We turn our cities into concrete jungles and then complain of the menace caused by birds defecating on our cars and stealing our food.

But who fired the first shot – was it us or was it them? Isn’t it natural if at some point they start fighting back? And won’t it only get worse as we keep getting greedier? It’s time we pondered over this – unless of course we don’t mind if  the only animals remaining are the clothed ones.



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