Water down the meat

So it’s finally summer in Europe in much of the western world and that means plans being made and invitations flying back and forth for grill parties. While I personally enjoy the grill season very much, an article I was reading last week made me sit up and think hard about their implications for the environment.

Did you know it takes roughly 7500 liters of water to produce one pound of  meat? While that might seem absurd at first sight, think about it: we require water to raise the crops with which to feed the animal, drinking water for the animals, water required to wash them, clean their stables, transport, etc.

So, next time you’re planning a grill party, think of eating a sausage less or substituting some of the meat with veggies such as paprika, mushrooms, goat cheese, etc. Not only is it a healthy idea to mix up some veggies with the meat, you’ll also be doing the planet a big favour – you’ll save more water by eating one burger less than you would by not showering for six months!


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