Discussing sustainability with a few colleagues at work last week gave me new insight into how most of us think about sustainability.

Discussing how our consumerism is badly affecting the planet, two of my colleagues – I work in a company that builds solar plants worldwide, go on to tell me how asking them to stop buying 4 pairs of cheap shoes instead of two pairs of more expensive and better shoes is not practical. On asking them why not, they say that that’s human nature and not going to change. On further probing, they admit it’s maybe not the best thing for the environment but who cares? Who thinks so much about it? And how is it really going to affect us?

I care and we should all care. And I admit that a frighteningly few people seem to give it much thought. But we have to, because I don’t think our generation is as lucky as our parents – we will feel the pain of all these years of neglect. And it’s going to definitely affect our children – our flesh and blood. Are those extra two pairs of shoes really worth it?


2 thoughts on “Short-sighted

  1. Kunal Shah says:

    Yes G, they are. Especially if they look good and make you look good too!! What if they were the ALO Ferrari pair, you wouldn’t ignore it, I am sure! 😉

  2. I hope you were being sarcastic here. 😉

    I wouldn’t buy the ferrari pair unless I needed them.

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