A Sunday to ponder

I love Sundays – it’s usually a day I reflect on the week gone by and the week to come. I spend it doing things I love: eating a good meal, reading a book, taking an afternoon nap, walking around Berlin in the evenings and planning for Monday.

This Sunday, I request you to take some time out and do two things. First, spend time with your favorite ‘Stuff‘  – could be tinkering with your phone, playing with your Xbox, admiring your wardrobe/shoe collection, whatever gives you joy. Next, step into the outdoors. Go to your favorite part of town. It could be the park, the river/lake close by or your local tennis court with your partner, family or friends.

Finally, just as you’re getting into bed, take a few quiet minutes for yourself and reflect on what the happiest moment of the day was. Be completely honest to yourself. And yes, there is only one correct answer – this or that, not both. Trust me, it’ll be well worth your time. More on that next week.


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