Solid Rain

Mexico might be usually in the news for all the wrong reasons, most of them having to do with drugs. Now, a powder of another sorts is putting Mexico in a positive light amongst farmers worldwide.

Mexican chemical engineer Sergio Jésus Rico Velasco has created Solid Rain, a potassium based polymer, which can help crop cultivation in drought stricken lands. Just 10 grams of the substance can absorb up to 1 liter of water, which can then be stored within the polymer for up to 1 year and later taken up by the root of the plants, when buried into the soil along with the fertilizer.

Preliminary tests carried out in Mexico show that the crop yield in drought stricken areas can be increased 300% by using Solid Rain. Given the increasing population that we are set to face in coming decades, coupled with changing and unpredictable weather patterns all over the world, this could prove to be a very handy invention indeed.


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