Dying without food

23 children died of food poisoning on Tuesday in the Indian state of Bihar while at school. The lunch was provided by the school under India’s Mid-Day meal scheme, which provides food to over 120 million children daily.

And how does one of the world’s supposedly fastest developing nations respond? By setting up a commission to investigate the matter of course. You see, we in India love setting up committees. Why? Because it provides breathing space and an excuse to postpone coming up with an explanation and punishment for the concerned. And in all likelihood, the people will quickly forget about the incident – there’ll probably soon be another one to capture their attention anyway.

Well, all the people except the parents of the deceased. But then, it’s not all bad for them – the Indian Government is going to compensate them fairly for their loss. India values the lives of its children – the country’s future. Yes, at a full rate of $ 2000 per child. Shining bright indeed, my country India.


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