Think before you click

Most of us shop online from time to time – either for the convenience or the lower cost, or both. While the environmental impacts of online shopping are up for debate (I still am not sure myself if it’s an environmentally friendlier option to going to a physical store), we can all take small steps, or rather clicks, to ensure we minimize these impacts.

When shopping online for multiple items, most websites offer you the option to have all your items shipped together when they become available, rather than each individual being item shipped separately. Given the fact that 9 times out of 10 it’s not going to matter if we receive our order in 3 days or 5, it would only seem logical to do so.

I must admit that I thought about this only after I ordered my lenses last week. I received the lenses for my right eye on Thursday, the ones for the left eye on Friday and the contact lens solution on Saturday. Quite pointless, given that I was unlikely to use lenses in one eye without the other and without the solution. But I’ve made a mental note of it for the next time, and so should you.

Because each Step matters and every Thought counts.


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