A loaded question

Ever wondered which one is environmentally friendlier – using a dishwasher to do the dishes is or washing dishes by hand? I must admit I was surprised when I first saw the numbers. A little digging around revealed that the average dishwasher uses up about 22 liters of water per cycle and the average Energy-star rated one uses only about 15 liters.

So unless you can wash a full load of the dishes that my dishwasher could handle in roughly 15-18 minutes by hand, you’re better off  using a dishwasher. This only applies, however, if you don’t run it with only half a load of dirty dishes. The water consumed per cycle remains the same, regardless of how loaded your dishwasher is.

Given that water is one of the few substances we really cannot survive without, why would we be stupid enough to waste it? Wastingwaterisweird.


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