Opening a can of worms, literally.

With the world population set to hit the 7 Billion mark by 2030, the global food and water supply is going to undergo a period of stress in the coming years. Prof. Tim Benton, a UK government advisor warned today that cheap fruit, vegetables and meat could be a thing of the past, with food prices set to double or even treble by 2033.

As larger portions of the worlds diminishing arable land come under stress, one possible option to feed the increasing population being mooted is eating insects. Yes, UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation is actually trying to message: “Eat Insects“. 2 billion people around the world are already eating and enjoying about 1900 species of insects.

Once we get past our “consumer disgust”, it only seems logical to make this move. Insects are everywhere, they reproduce quickly and have low ecological footprint. They are also a high source of protein and minerals. So will everyone bite the bait?

Probably not. But when push comes to shove, history shows that dietary patterns can change quickly. And who knows, the globalized world might end up embracing it – as in the case of Sushi.


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