Message in a bottle

Ever heard of the expression ‘Selling ice cubes to an Eskimo?’ We might laugh at it, but that’s exactly what Nestle, Evian, Aquafina, Bisleri, etc. are doing when they get us to buy bottled water. It’s funny  how we let these companies bottle up this building block of life, which is, and should remain essentially free.

What most of us don’t realize though, is that by consuming bottled water, we are actually helping these very companies ensure that we increasingly depend upon them for the drop of life. Here’s how:

– Approximately 1500 bottles end up in land fills and the ocean……every second.

2,500,000 tons of a carbon dioxide was produced in the manufacturing of the plastic bottles each year.

– There’s an area estimated to be the size of Texas in the Pacific Ocean known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch which is basically a swirling mass of plastic trash.

– About 272 billion liters of water are consumed each year, worldwide, just to make the empty bottles.

In most cases, the water coming out of your tap is good enough for you to drink. If not, installing a simple water purifier or water filter will ensure that. Der Dopper and Hydros are two social enterprises helping spread the message with their re-usable water bottles. So let’s all be a little smarter about our choices – avoid plastic when you can. If you know you’re going to require water when outside, why not pack a bottle of water from home?

Still not convinced? What is EVIAN spelled backwards?


One thought on “Message in a bottle

  1. kunalashah says:

    Get me that ‘A Gunjan Thought’ bottle. And you should put up a pic of that bottle in this post.

    Also, Mumbai water needs more than just a purifier. Drinking out of tap could be lethal. Only if civic authorities could give us good quality water via our taps…!

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