Power of one – Everyone

Switching off your Wi-Fi router at night when you don’t need it. Rethinking a smarter alternative to drinking daily out of a one-time use (plastic) bottle. Carrying a personal tumbler or flask when buying coffee on the way to work.

We probably think the above simple things are so simple that they can’t possibly make any difference in the bigger scheme of things? After all, it’s just 100 Watts of electricity, one plastic bottle and one paper cup saved daily; nothing of note really. Or 36,5 kWh of electricity, 365 plastic bottles and 200 odd paper cups annually. Hardly enough to make an impact.

Now think what if this was the norm? What if this is how everyone started thinking? And what if the 1 Billion or so that are going to be added to the middle class in the next decade or so thought this constituted the new norm? Nothing multiplied by one Billion is insignificant – definitely not 36,5 Billion kWh of electricity saved, the 365 Billion plastic water bottles nor the 200 Billion paper cups.

Change, no matter how big, always starts with one – the only question is are you going to be one?

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