Did you know?

Globally, roughly 450 billion land animals are now factory farmed each year. For every ten tuna, shark and other large predatory fish that roamed the oceans about 50-100 years ago, only one remains. And, for every 1 pound of shrimp that makes its way onto your plate, 26 pounds of other aquatic life (comprising of 150 species) died as bycatch.

The facts listed above are not meant to try and guilt you into turning vegetarian. I myself cannot claim to be vegetarian and quite enjoy the occasional steak. It IS however intended to try and motivate you to take some time to think about what lands onto your plate and to see if there is a way you can take some steps to make more intelligent choices.

Lack of action because you were unaware of something is ignorance; however, doing nothing even though you’re aware is negligence.

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4 thoughts on “Did you know?

  1. Nice balance to your post. We think about our food sources all the time, and hope others do as well. Meanwhile, the world needs leadership and education regarding the root cause to the problems you outline: overpopulation.

  2. Thanks for your comments, Barbara & Jack. Overpopulation is a touchy topic on more than one level. While it might be impossible to adopt a one child policy globally (like China did). But we can all start working towards making conscious efforts to rethinking and then reducing each of our carbon footprints.

    Not only is it possible but taking these small steps also greatly simplifies your life.It involves rethinking what we buy, what we eat and companies we support.

  3. Kunal Shah says:

    TURN vegetarian, G! 😀

  4. On may way. Should be getting there in a bit. The book Eating Animals really helps. 😉

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