The Talk

Two weeks ago, my uncle, the only person in my family apart from a brother who actively follows my blog, sent me the following comment in an email to my post“We should conduct ourselves that we – the current generation of human beings – are the custodian and holding this place in Trust and Faith from our future human as well as other living being/entities. Present is borrowed from the future and we owe it retain the same in its original form, if not improve it.”. 

Beautiful words which got me thinking – why is it that most parents almost never talk or educate their kids about sustainability? They try to teach you to be a nice person, to be independent and about the importance of education and finance. Is it because they do not believe in the concept of sustainability? Or is it because they don’t think it is going to affect them and/or us in our lifetimes?

Would doing so be difficult without admitting that their way of life and part of what they have taught their kids is in some ways flawed? And that for them to talk about it would also maybe mean them making changes to their lifestyles; because not doing so would be hypocritical. I believe it’s rather a mix of all these factors. It’s difficult for parents to look a child in the eye and say “We are sorry, we should have known better.”

I think it is a crucial step. Once we’ve realized our mistake, we can move past it and take two steps  – change ourselves and even more importantly, teach our kids about being sustainable. There’s no shame in admitting we were wrong; but it is indeed shameful if we continue along the same path.


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