Has google googled “Double-Faced?”

You can’t talk about supporting animal rights dressed in a fur coat and shoes made of crocodile leather. You can’t be rooting for both the teams at the final game of a world championship. You can’t seriously say you care about the environment and drive around in a Hummer.

What then is Google exactly thinking when they choose to show support for the Competitive Enterprise Institution (CEI) and by hosting a fundraising lunch for Oklahoma’s Sen. James Inhofe? The CEI and Sen. James Inhofe are both ardent climate change deniers, with the latter maintaining that more CO2 in the atmosphere would be “beneficial to our environment and the economy.”

What sort of message is Google, a company that has invested more than $ 1bn in renewable energy and which claims to be creating “a better web that is better for the environment”, spreading when they do this? Does Google even understand the ramifications of having a person such as Sen. Inhofe shaping future policies? The damage caused could outweigh the good done by Google a hundred times over.

It’s not progress when you take one step forward and two steps back. It’s worse than having stayed still.

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