Effecting Change

Every now and then I get into a discussion about sustainability with people. It’s quite interesting because those discussions always bring about strong responses from 9 out of 10 people.

2 of them will get interested and maybe think really seriously about it. 2 more would probably listen in earnest and we’ll have an intellectual argument. 5 of the remaining 10 will, however, tell me it’s all BS. They’ll say stuff like humans have always been like this and that’s how we’ll always be. On further arguing, it’ll almost always boil down to “WE can’t change anything” OR “Too few people think like you to have any real impact. ”

But none of trying to live a little more sustainably is surely worse than if there are only a  few of us trying? If you agree it would make a greater impact only if more people start thinking this way, doesn’t it make sense you start too? And if none of us try, then haven’t we already lost (probably our most important) battle without even trying?

And I always end by saying, “All change, no matter how large, always starts with a single person.” 


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