Short Sighted

Why is it that we fight with our cellular provider over 5 Euros, but refuse to react to larger issues affecting our society/environment? Is it, as some experts suggest, because we can’t see the “hidden” enemy, i.e. the effects of climate change? After all, climate change is a more difficult threat to perceive compared to, say, the Nazis marching down on Poland.

I disagree, When/if we look around, it is clear the world around is changing – more climate related disasters, dirty polluted air, (clean) water scarcity, famines, species extinction, etc.

I think we choose not to act because we don’t think it’s going to affect us. The irony of climate change is that it affects those people more who have least caused it. You and me can turn on the AC or the heating and sit comfortably in front of our laptops, but what about those underprivileged people without a roof on their head?

I think the reason is also because we don’t think it’s our Job. Like always, we want someone else to do the dirty work, make sacrifices and deliver a solution on a platter – better still, in a form we can BUY. 

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